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St. Vincent Pallotti Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Our Curriculum

‘Devotion to one’s undertaken duty is not a sacrifice; It is a justification to one’s existence in the world’.

All learning is made student- centred. The best learning happens when it is co- operative and collaborative and inter-connected. Our pupils are made to integrate the infinite possibilities of their mind, body and spirit, in the best possible manner. Our pupils evolve to be deeply in love with and sensitive to all the varied dimensions of life. They are trained to be good citizens and feel at home anywhere they go.

The curriculum which is the corner stone of an educational programme is not seen as a body of information that has to be programmed into the child; instead it is designed to be current, dynamic and exciting as a structured means to develop a specific set of skills, aptitudes and abilities.

The crusade for quality education has never been as fierce as it is now. Extra-curricular activities like art and craft, music, dance, yoga, chess, games and sports hold the key to opening up capabilities in students which are quintessential to the success of the academic curriculum. Our education provides students, the scope and opportunities to develop certain essential skills and competencies to respond creatively, effectively and compassionately to various unforeseen situations in life, that are of great significance to the development of their personality .The need of the hour is a radical change in assessment practice. We place our focus on skills rather than marks. We devise a new yard stick for measuring potential. We analyse how we perceive and define intelligence. We create systems of education that connects the students to a higher order of thinking.

 The value of developing human potential and nurturing a holistic idea of intelligence is the momentum of evolution – at a personal, societal, national and global level. We pursue new frontiers and embrace new education techniques with aplomb to represent a decisive shift in the paradigm of schooling, not obsessed with marks and grades but prioritizing the quantum of learning and experience gained by our pupils to make them treasure our school as a happy place.

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